Thursday, August 5, 2010

Deja Williams!!!!

John Blassingame's International Designer Of The Year Awards

Red Gown by Lonnie Cisco

Fashion On The Hudson II:  Designer John Tillman

Deja Williams is a 13yr old Model/Actress/Singer and she is well on her way to stardom. !! She has been performing since 8ys old. Born with her fathers talent who is Rahiem, a member of rap legends and Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Group - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Deja is a versatile artist. 

As a model She has modeled in shows for designers  Lonnie Cisco, John Blassingames,  Timotheous Smart, and the Fabric Twinz. she also is featured in Coogi's on-line store. Déja can be seen sporting a red gown and afro in the March 2010 issues of Hype Hair Magazine and Today's Black Woman

As a vocalist, she began singing in school programs, continued in talent shows, and went on to perform at venues in New York such as Café Wha?; The Village Underground and Broadway Baby She will add Los Angeles and London to her list of performances. She also won 1st place at Apollo's Amateur night May 26, 2010!!

As an actress, Deja had roles in music videos, commercials, and television, most notably working with Alec Baldwin on NBC's 30 Rock. 

Next weekend from August 18th to the 22nd Deja will be rippen the runway at Baltimore Fashion Week. 

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  2. Go Deja! Go Deja! It's ya birthday! It's ya birthday! Go Deja! Go Deja! ...

  3. WOW! THAT LITTLE GIRL HAS DONE SO MUCH! SHE IS GOING PLACES! Wishing you luck and success Deja! stay humble.

  4. Go Deja!! Really Proud of you! Get to hear your mom talk and rave about you from Monday thru Friday!! Keep up with your school work!!

  5. You are just stunning. Keep at it, girl! You don't know me, I'am Daphne's friend. Why don't you get in touch with my daughter. She's been in the business for a while, as dancer, singer and actress. It'd be fun if you share notes. ( As the heir of four genrations of performers, I can tell it's not easy, but it's glorious. Amelia

  6. Wow this is awesome. I've personally heard her sing and attended one of her fashion shows. She is definitely a star in the making. I am so proud of her and I wish her all the best.

    Sean Moore

  7. Thank you all for the comments

  8. Amazing Deja!! Can't wait to dance for you again!
    <3 always, Lauren w

  9. Obviously talent runs in the family! Deja' is an amazing young woman! Her career's really taking off! Kudos to her and her entire team! I'm sure there's a hard working group of professionals guiding this blossoming multitalented young woman and it shows! Go Deja!

    Tim A.K.A Y2G