Monday, August 16, 2010

Baltimore Fashion Week!!!

Baltimore Fashion Week is almost here August 19-22!! Baltimore Fashion week had its debut in 2008. It is now the third year and Baltimore Fashion week is becoming more known and acknowledged in the fashion industry. The woman who is the founder/chief executive of BFW is Sharon Nixon. She has done a wonderful job at starting Baltimore's own fashion week and every year production has been better then the last. Visit the website for more information: 


  1. Wish i can visit... ):


  2. nice blog, thank you for your comment at mine

    as I said in the post you viewed, I spotted this artist at this blog:, she is his friend..and I was interested so I googled him and found his website where most the images are from:) is his website

    :) that's it

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    tks 4 stopping by my blog :=)

  4. wish i could go....