Sunday, February 13, 2011

Creative Cookie Presents Mind over Material

Me and my good friend Lesley also known as Creative Cookie 

My two friends Jessica and Karyn who came out with me!!

Me and talented designer Tiffany Mamone. She has her own line called Poison + Sugar.
check out her website

lovely Designer Sarahfine, check out her site

I met up with lol Beauty who is a  Beauty and Fashion Blogger check out her site: 

 I also met fabulous Tiasia, who is a brand consultant check out her site at

February 9th my friend Lesley had an amazing event at the Green House. She is a fellow blogger, photographer, and writer. She has written pieces for Jones and CLAM magazines and her photography has appeared on Sew Retro, The, and Essence Magazine. 

Check out her site at


  1. Hi Dear! I like your B-Dress and Poisonand Sugar too.

  2. Thanks for coming to the party and writing this awesome post! I really appreciate it. Keep creating! xo