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HIGHBROW is the next huge eye wear accessory brand. Jessica Sapick is a talented designer who came up with the concept of designing upcycled eyewear.  She created and holds the copyright for eyebrow wear, removable clip-on art for any pair of glasses.  She has been very successful for the past year creating one of a kind pieces. Highbrow has shown at SS Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and is now launching a new collection of handbags and Jewelry, and has opened in new boutiques in NYC and Los Angeles.

1) When did you start designing eyebrow wear?

I started designing eyebrow wear in April 2010. 

2) How did you come up with the concept?

Inspiration: My first pair was the pop can tab eyebrows that look like medieval armor. The inspiration behind these were rollie-polies. I was working as a financial analyst at a venture capital firm in Palo Alto.  Part of my job was to study cutting edge cleantech technologies. One of the many dire needs entrepreneurs are seeking to address is waste management. Coming from Michigan, the third largest trash importer in the nation, I feel particularly affected by our nation's trash crisis. After evaluating the most promising cleantech innovations, I concluded that biomimicry was one of the most promising and underdeveloped design principles. I was so moved by the pioneering efforts of scientists, that I wanted to do my part with what I knew how to do. So I started working with my old eyewear. I wanted to make something that people who are terrified of initiating conversations, like myself, could wear and use to meet people. I started with pop cans and Rollie-polies. Rollie-polies are these overlooked little bits of waste management inspiration: they keep to themselves in cold, wet, dark spaces and live off of rotting vegetation. Just as rollie polies protect themselves by rolling into a tiny ball, highbrow enables people to talk to others while protecting them from having to talk about themselves. And this idea really did come true: at the tents during Fashion Week, I was dying to talk to everyone. It was a dream come true being there with these incredibly beautiful, innovative people. highbrow bridged this gap that I created for myself: I was convinced I wasn't important or cool enough to talk to anyone. But people wanted to know about what I was wearing on my face and how it was made. If I wasn't wearing highbrow, I wouldn't have met the people I did and shared ideas about the future of eco-conscious fashion. 

My motto is "constraint challenges humanity to create."

3) What plans do you have for the collection in the near future?

My latest initiative is paying for trash. I am paying $1 per recycled plastic water bottle. This is great for Detroit - so many people are unemployed and buried in debt. 

In the near future I'm launching handbag and jewelry lines. I will also continue designing new eye wear.

4) Are you located in any stores? if so, where?

I primarily sell online and have just started placing in boutiques in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit and New York

Check out highbrow's website at:


  1. Interesting post, I had never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing!!

    Kirstin Marie

  2. hi girl, this captured me when i went through your latest posts, im glad you're back in blogging again! i hope you will post more and get connected . this high brow concept is so peculiar, i love to repost this so u will also gain more readers. i will definitely check the website. the men fashion post is so nice , i wish men, not only the gay ones will be as fashionable like us!lol, good job on your fashion show photography!

  3. Thanks much !! Dear Girl Your the best. :)