Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More from Baltimore Fashion week!!!

Untouched Diamonds Collection By:  Designer JT

Collection by LT Dickens: Contact LT@ltdickensdesigns.com

Collection is by: Shades Of A Feather

All Photography above is by Antoneo Braxton: www.theinc.photoreflect.com

Here is more from Baltimore Fashion Week. These are some of the designers I missed on the Saturday and Sunday shows. As you can see all of the collections are very unique and elegant. Wish I could have seen it in person. Don't be afraid to contact the designers for more information about their collections.


  1. Selia and Deja look great, Lt Dickens and JT work is just awsome. Everyone looked so nice...
    Selia and Deja were the youngest models there and they brought it. Keep up the good work ladies

  2. cool post!

    kiss dear


  3. these are fierce huh? long gowns are elegant! i just had my fashion week last week in Portland!